Texas A&M

For our Texas A&M MAKEaTHON the team left Austin bright and early and headed out for College Station. A newly minted Multiple University Research Agreement between Motorola, A&M and others made this event seem particularly important and the students really didn't disappoint. The teams were amazing for the reach of their ambition and their accompanying skill and technical ability. We had five teams, many of which worked on hardware with pretty serious medical implications. Check out the video below.

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Texas A&M MAKEaTHON video


The teams

The Irish Texans worked on a project they called Open Sight which functions as a portable eye diagnostics device. Using a high definition camera  attachment and a depth sensor which allow accurate mapping of the entire eye their Open Sight aims to revolutionize diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases in parts of the world with limited access to healthcare. 

A health and fitness conscious team, Just Come Back to Us worked on a prototype muscle monitor designed to make exercising safer and more productive. They created a patch which utilized finely-tuned flex sensors which you wold place over the muscle group you are working on. The patch sends information back to your smartphone letting you know how safe and effective your workout is. 

 "Motions" is designed to reduce distractions for drivers. Team JSLJ used motion sensors rigged up to your smartphone to control various aspects of the phone without having to touch it physically. Inspired by the number of accidents that are caused by distracted drivers, this team aimed to make the roads safer. 

Team Bust Up is tired of bicycle theft and so they designed a device which would function like a stolen car tracker. If someone tries to interfere with your parked bike, they will break a connection and an alarm will sound on your smartphone alerting you of the theft. A GPS tracker will then allow you to find the culprits!