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Download the APK (Android app)

Download the source code on github

Connecting via WIFI  

Connect both the computer and the phone to the same wireless network. Type the IP address that your phone shows at the bottom and write it in your web browser. If everything went fine, you would be seeing the web editor coming up.  

Some access points filter certain ports, so be aware of that!   


Connecting via USB (mac only for now!)

If you have a mac you can download the companion app. Run the app in your phone first, connect via cable and then launch the computer app.  

Download the app companion for USB support (only mac for now)

If it doesn't work for you or you use a different operating system you might want to download ADB your self and run this from your computer console.

./adb forward tcp:8585 tcp:8585
./adb forward tcp:8587 tcp:8587





This development environment started after years of frustrations trying to prototype mobile software rapidly. Current environments are great but we are a bunch of people out there that want to start creating things without spending 2 hours setting up environments or learning a complex API. ProtoCoder is meant for prototypers, makers, researchers, experimenters, artists, doers and undoers. 


Is it open source?

Yes! Under the MIT license. 


Can I become a beta tester?

Sure! just download the APK, and report bugs or desired features using Github 


Is it my app compiled? 

No, it is interpreted, although most of the functions are just calls to java compiled functions


Is it cloud based? 

No, we have a few reasons for not been cloud based. The first is that sometimes you might want to code in a place without Internet, the second is that generally on the cloud services tend to disappear which is not the most desirable thing when you use a tool. Therefore you have the control, you are the owner of the environment.


How does it work? 

We have two servers running inside the device when the app is launched, a webserver that provides the web IDE and and a websocket server used to stream data between the IDE and the phone rapidly. When you write the app, the code is transferred to the device and run.


Sometimes I don’t have WIFI, can I connect to my device using USB? 

Sure! If you have a mac you can use the companion app, otherwise you can just one of the scripts for your operating system. Download the app companion for USB support. 


The app crashes sometimes! 

Yes! It might be! just help us improving it by sending us a bug report using Github!


Can I create fully packed and distributable applications?

Yes, you can, although we don’t have any one-click method


Why is the source code messy sometimes? 

A big part of the project has been coded in cars, kitchens, hotel lobbies, parks, malls, coffee shops, restaurants, during the Make With Moto project, a cross country tour across United States where we hacked and made projects with University students. 


Does it only support Motorola phones?

No, it supports any Android device with a version higher than 4.0. The only motorola specific feature is the MAKR board library and some extra magic we do with the MOIO boards to turn them on and off programatically.